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American History

History of the USA 1890-1920s: Continuity and Change, Prosperity and Prohibition (A13)

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This course will explore American history from 1890 until the boom time of the 1920s and will chart the elements of continuity and change in a nation which was changing and evolving at a rapid pace. Issues covered include race relations especially those of white Americans and Afro-Americans, immigration and its effects upon the USA, the rise of big business and the growth of progressivism whose aim was to pass reforms to counter corruption. The boom in industry resulting from mass production and its effects upon the US economy will be explored and America’s entry and role in the First World War. Next, the roaring 20s will be examined, including the role of Jazz and cinema, the changing roles of women and the rise of gangsters including characters such as Al Capone. Finally, prohibition, America’s “great noble experiment”, will be analysed and explored and its failure explained.

History (American History)
Lorraine Schofield

Horwich Community Centre

Horwich Community Centre, Beaumont Road, Horwich, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL6 7BG
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