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American History

History of the USA 1929-1947: The Wall St Crash, The Great Depression, The New Deal and Its Legacy and US Entry Into the Second World War (A14)

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This course will explore the devastating effects of The Wall St Crash of 1929 and how it affected the US economy leading to a massive slump which had world-wide consequences. The Role of President Hoover and his inability to deal with the crisis will be examined as well as the social effects upon the American citizens including the Veterans’ march on Washington in 1932. The election of Roosevelt and his subsequent New Deal policies will be explored and the views of historians of their impact and legacy will be addressed. US foreign policy will also be examined, including the “special relationship” with Great Britain and the US entry into the Second World War following the bombing of Pearl Harbour. The course will conclude by looking at US political and world views in the immediate post war era and especially their great fear of communism.

History (American History)
Lorraine Schofield

Horwich Community Centre

Horwich Community Centre, Beaumont Road, Horwich, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL6 7BG
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